The Interview # 15 | Dusty Johnson - Get Down to the Nuts and Bolts

The 5th in our series of political interviews.

Dusty Johnson joins us via telephone for a brief interview to talk about why he's running for the one seat that South Dakota has in the US House of Representatives. He says he's a "policy guy" who believes that unless it's specifically stated in the constitution as a federal government responsibility, it belongs at the state level.

Do your own research and vote on November 6th.

The Interview #06 | Corey Justin Horn - Musician Extraordinaire

Corey Justin Horn visits, via Skype, with Craig Weinberg on this episode of The Interview. After vowing to never live in Nashville, Corey now lives in Nashville, TN running his own recording studio and touring in the band Remedy Drive as their bass player among other things. Starting his music education as a kid learning the violin, his Milbank connection is an interesting one that only exists because of Milbank's support, over the years, of the Lifelight Festival brand. Enjoy!

The Reef Studio

Remedy Drive Band

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Corey jeep.jpg

the image that started it all.

A few images from the last Remedy Drive concert held in the Milbank High Theater. Images © VPD Studio 2018

The Interview #05 | Jerry, Neil, and Jim - Train Fest

Jim, Jerry and Neil were kind enough to let us grab their portraits.

Jim, Jerry and Neil were kind enough to let us grab their portraits.

in the studio

Jim, Neil & Jerry were a blast to have together!

A few of the many images they brought in with them for the Interview.