The David Allen Show Ep. 28: Equal Freedom

Show Notes:


Biden has the Code Nothing like exposing state secrets!

Hillary "won" ... no really, she won!

Votes by hook or by crook She will do anything!

She's ill

Trump's new guy Ben Shapiro explains...

dr drew on hill's health

Clinton Cash CNN Joy Reid see no proof

Jill Stein Clinton too big to jail

News making up "news" Are we surprised? No! CNN

"Injured" child in Aleppo Great PR move

Climate yelling match. Science "consensus" vs actual data. Aussies!

Global warming scam

Hillary Weekends off! Trump talking about Hillary Dr. Drew talking abouth Hillary

Hillary winning big?


Oh, SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect answer to a person who says that you can't help or understand someone unless you have been in their shoes.

E-mail consequences

Only "Intent" matters

Science through consensus Almost all of us believe this, so it must be true.

Vaxx The Media used to actually report corporate ties

Native Ad Yahoo news whopper

:WARNING: Foul "Burn they s**t down!"

CNN "sorry" about edit Lame!

Penn Guns Interesting take on 2nd amendment

RIO! Brazil wants to keep our guys!

Maybe they weren't robbed BRA cops refute story

Lawyer prays in court... ...And gets skewered!

Hospital forced birth We know best! Shut up slave!

I'm in the wrong biz DJ cash

...Continued Youtube cash

Education Pause Why not?

The Art of Manliness Answer this!

Something to watch

Sheriff David Clarke Holds Press Conference on Milwaukee Mayhem "Stop trying to fix the police. Fix the ghetto." (6:20-end) - breaks out how big of a dirtbag they were. Need to play this! Outstanding video!

Female drop from Marine Infantry course

British Press Freak Out A Five Inch Gun isn't a literal Five Inch Gun.

Misleading articles Couple saved up $1 million in 4 years in their 30's? Wow! Except they had almost $600k in the bank, two homes, nice job.

Who ya gonna call?

Clinton Dead Pool